Hydraulic Hoist

Picture of Hydraulic Hoist

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Hydraulic system including the package hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic power unit, electrical control device, mounting bracket, etc .. Several sets of hoist can share a set of electrical control device.

Each hydraulic cylinder has displacement sensor. Can achieve the high accuracy arc gate opening angle and hydraulic cylinder synchronization, the gate will run smoothly.

The hydraulic power unit including throttle valve, directional valve, relief valve and so on. Its function is to control the rate of flow , direction and pressure of the hydraulic oil in order to realize the performance requirements of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic control valves on the hoist are mostly standard components and are easy to maintain globally . The hydraulic pump generally has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, low noise, long service life, etc. The hydraulic pump is generally used in the hydraulic control valve. Normally there will be two sets hydraulic power units in one system , back up of each other.

Electrical control unit installation, PLC and display. Can accurately display the gate opening angle and hydraulic cylinder working speed.